Rapid Response Bullet Proof Vest Front
Rapid Response Bullet Proof Vest Back
⇨ Front and back protection
⇨ Removable soft armour panels
⇨ Multi hit capability
⇨ Six point adjustment
⇨ Machine washable outer cover

⇨ Anti trauma packs optional
⇨ Groin optional
⇨ Front and back pockets for
    Up-Armour Ceramic Plates

SizeChest or waistWeight
Level II
Level IIIA
SmallUp to 85cm1.5 kg1.9 kg
Medium85-95cm1.8 kg2.3 kg
Large96-105cm2.1 kg2.7 kg
X-Large106-115cm2.5 kg3.3 kg
XX-Large116-125cm2.8 kg3.6 kg

Protection Soft Armour
Protection Ceramic Plates
NIJ 0I0I.04 Level II or IIIANIJ0101.04 Level III or IV
SABS 1658:2006 Level II or IIIA
SABS 1658-2006 Level III, III mix, IV
PSDB 2003. HG1, HG2PSDB 2003.RFI, SG1
Technische Richtlinie SchutzwestenTechnische Richtlinie Schutzwesten
Dec 2003. SK1, SK2Dec 2003. SK3, SK4