⇨ Front and back protection
⇨ Removable soft armour panels
⇨ Multi hit capability
⇨ Six point adjustment
⇨ Machine washable outer cover

⇨ Anti trauma packs optional
⇨ Groin optional
⇨ Front and back pockets for
    Up-Armour Ceramic Plates

Size Chest or waist Weight
Level II
Level IIIA
Small Up to 85cm 1.9 kg 2.5 kg
Medium 85-95cm 2.2 kg 2.8 kg
Large 96-105cm 2.5 kg 3.0 kg
X-Large 106-115cm 2.9 kg 3.2 kg
XX-Large 116-125cm 3.1 kg 3.5 kg
3XL to 5XL sizes available on request.

Protection Soft Armour
Protection Ceramic Plates
NIJ 0I0I.04 Level II or IIIA NIJ0101.04 Level III or IV
SABS 1658:2006 Level II or IIIA
SABS 1658-2006 Level III, III mix, IV
PSDB 2003. HG1, HG2 PSDB 2003.RFI, SG1
Technische Richtlinie Schutzwesten Technische Richtlinie Schutzwesten
Dec 2003. SK1, SK2 Dec 2003. SK3, SK4